As an Atlantic Vision Partners affiliate, you’ll gain treasured business partnership opportunities, enabling you to expand the breadth of eye care services and technology provided to your community.

Our collective and strategic approach to professional development and process improvement will benefit your experienced team of clinicians and support staff.  We manage with a “bottom-up” approach vs. a “top-down” way of doing things.

Partnership opportunities with Atlantic Vision Partners also allow for greater financial peace of mind and compensation for everyone on your team.

You’ll benefit from the expertise of Atlantic Vision Partners’ experienced advisory board, corporate support staff, and trusted team of physicians as you maintain complete clinical authority under your brand name.

Our goal is to help you spend less time on administrative functions, so you can do the things you love outside of the office worry-free.

If you’re seeking business partners to take your eye practice to the next level, discover how Atlantic Vision Partners’ experience and resources can accomplish your goals.

The Process

It’s easier than you think to get started with Atlantic Vision Partners. If you’re curious about what comes next, learn what you can expect during each step of the process. Typically, it takes between 2 and 3 months from start to finish.

  • Non-disclosure agreement

    1. Non-Disclosure Agreement

    After our initial contact, both you and Atlantic Vision Partners sign a non-disclosure form that ensures the research process and ensuing transaction are performed in complete confidentiality.

  • Preliminary financial review and evaluation

    2. Preliminary Financial Review and Evaluation.

    We examine your financial information to help us accurately value your practice. We’ll also facilitate several in-person meetings. This imporant step ensures an accurate and fair transaction.

  • Letter of intent

    3. Letter of Intent

    Once we’ve gathered all the necessary information, we prepare and draft a letter of intent. The LOI is a non-binding document that describes the terms of the transaction.

  • Confirmatory due diligence

    4. Confirmatory Due Diligence

    A deeper version of step 2, Confirmatory Due Diligence is when we roll up our sleeves. We conduct several legal, accounting, and other types of evaluations on your office or off site with your advisors if necessary.

  • Definitive agreements

    5. Definitive Agreements

    Once both parties are comfortable with the negotiated terms of the transaction, it’s time to close the deal. Once the documents are signed, we wire your check proceeds to your financial institution for your immediate access.